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Earn Real Estate Commissions.

Use your dormant Florida Real Estate License to earn Florida Real Estate Commissions, Property Management Referrals, Leasing Referrals & Commercial Properties and Business Opportunities. If you thought you would never earn another commission because you have started that new job or are simply too busy, we are here to change your mind. All Florida Referral Network has now made it easy for you to get back into the business by making you a Referral Agent.

It's Simple.

If you have a Florida Real Estate License, you can become a Referral Agent with All Florida Referral Network, an affiliate of Real Living All Florida Realty Services, and financially benefit by sharing in the earning of Florida real estate commissions. You will not be required to commit a large amount of your time and energy.

As a Referral Agent, your sole responsibility is to provide referral leads to All Florida Referral Network. After that, your job is done. We will place the lead with a qualified full-time agent who will then service your referral. If the referral leads to a closed transaction, you receive a real estate commission for your referral. Imagine making money simply for referring a customer.

It Pays.

Being a part of the All Florida Referral Network gives you the opportunity to generate lucrative referral commissions. The Referral Agent is paid at a 70% split of the gross referral, less a transaction coordination fee. 

It's a Low Cost Solution.

All that is required is a $100 annual administrative fee.

Apply Now.

Register on-line using our Sign Up page. For more information email Kathy Pass using our Contact Us page, or call Kathy Pass at (772) 337-3577.

See how simple it is to Use your License.

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